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US, Israel, and Qatar Working Together to Secure Release of 240 Hostages Kidnapped in October Hamas Offensive

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Key takeaways:

  • 240 people were kidnapped in a Hamas-led offensive in October.
  • The US, Israel, and Qatar are working together to facilitate hostage negotiations.
  • The fate of some hostages remains uncertain, with no clues on the whereabouts of 84-year-old Ditza Heiman.

Washington, DC – In October, a vicious Hamas-led offensive inside Israel resulted in the kidnapping of an estimated 240 people. One month later, the families of these hostages are still in an uncertain and fearful state, with little information on the fate of their loved ones.

The United States, Israel, and Qatar have been working behind the scenes to facilitate hostage negotiations, with a special focus on dual nationals. The US has sent a career diplomat and spy chief to the region to meet with intelligence counterparts and other officials to discuss the conflict and preventing its spread.

Hamas released two older hostages last month, and one of the captives reported that 50-year-old Ofer Kalderon was still alive when they were freed. However, 36-year-old Yarden Roman’s family has heard no details about her fate, beyond what her husband recalls from the moment she was taken away.

Unfortunately, the released hostages did not have any information on 84-year-old Ditza Heiman, leaving her family without any clues. Israel claims that Hamas is not serious about a hostage release, but the US, Israel, and Qatar are continuing to work together to bring the hostages home.

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